Property Refurbishments in Cambridge, Ely
and the Surrounding Areas

If you are ready to make the most of the property you have, look no further than Neve Building’s property refurbishments. We offer a full service for your home in Cambridge, Ely or the surrounding areas, covering kitchens, bathrooms, space creation, decorating and more. Our team can also provide small commercial refurbishment works. Whether you want to improve energy efficiency, upgrade individual spaces or transform the way your home looks and feels, our builders are ready to help.

Our refurbishments involve a range of services to improve existing properties by redecorating, altering and modernising. This is not entirely the same as a renovation, which is the process of returning a damaged or defective building to a good state of repair. However, we often provide aspects of renovation and refurbishment at the same time.

Space Creation and Structural Alterations

Neve Building can maximise interior living space by reconfiguring layouts and constructing house extensions. This is an ideal way to modernise older properties, such as Victorian houses, which often have smaller, darker rooms. Our builders can remove and move interior walls to create larger, brighter rooms, open-plan living areas and more streamlined layouts. As experts in property refurbishments, our services cover load bearing walls. We can also add stud walls to turn larger spaces into multiple rooms.

For homeowners in the Ely and Cambridge areas who wish to extend the footprint of their property, we design and build custom extensions.

In addition to altering property layouts, structural alterations can include works such as major underpinning, total replacement of floors, ceilings or roofs, and extensive back to brickwork replastering.

Plastering and Decorating

Our team plasters walls and ceilings to provide a perfect base for paint or wallpaper. If plaster is cracked, falling off, hollow when you tap it or crumbles when removing wallpaper, you require professional replastering services. Whether it’s one wall, one room or an entire property, we ensure a high-quality finish.

On top of plastering, Neve Building provides decorating services. Listening to your ideas and preferences, we create an interior finish which you will love, and which enhances the atmosphere and comfort of your home. From classic to contemporary colours, patterns and styles, we update your interiors to suit you.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

Is your kitchen or bathroom outdated or impractical? Do you hate the style or simply want a new installation? Whatever your reasons, our builders in Cambridge and Ely can provide a brand-new kitchen and/or bathroom. We supply and fit your chosen products, creating beautiful and functional spaces which will make you proud of your home.

Please see our projects for an idea of the quality kitchen and bathroom installations we complete.


Retrofitting often forms part of our property refurbishments. Retrofitting means adding a new component or feature to your property which it did not have before. Examples are new building systems, such as heating systems, as well as things like insulation and double glazing.

Consequently, retrofitting helps improve the performance and comfort of your home. This can include enhancing energy efficiency and sustainability.

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