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How to Make Open Plan Living Work for You

Open plan living is one of the most popular modern design trends, and Neve Building can open up your home to create a contemporary living space. But how can you be sure your new layout will work for you? This comes with thoughtful planning and on this page, our builders highlight some key considerations that will ensure your home meets your needs. Whether creating open plan spaces through home renovations and property refurbishments or property extensions, we work closely with our clients to deliver ideal results in Ely, Cambridge and surrounds.

As new home builders, we also construct new homes which incorporate open living areas. And don’t forget, we offer a range of other building services to help you get the most from your property, including summer houses, kitchens and bathrooms.

Organise Your Space

Whether planning home alterations or a new build with our new home builders, it is important to think about the different areas you need. Many open plan spaces in Ely include a kitchen diner, lounge area and study space or play area, but you may have different needs. Once you have determined what areas you want to include in your layout, play around with the configuration to find a set-up that works best for you.

It’s important to work with the space you have available, so consider the overall size of your space, factoring in property extensions or alterations, and the size of each individual zone. You may even wish to extend your space outside, which we achieve with the addition of patios.

If you want to avoid the need for planning permission, it’s important to maximise existing space and keep any extensions and property refurbishments modest. However, if you desire a larger extension and more extensive open plan space, we are happy to help with all stages of your project.

What Do You Want to Achieve?

To help organise your open plan space, our new home builders in Ely recommend thinking about what you are hoping to achieve. For example, do you want to enhance the connection to the outdoors by creating a space that flows into the garden? Or do you want to focus on creating a social space that’s great for entertaining? Alternatively, food and cooking might be the dominant factor, meaning the kitchen should take centre stage.

Whatever you are hoping to achieve, we make it happen with our design to completion new build services or tailored home renovations and refurbishments. After some thought, you may decide open plan living isn’t the right choice for you, but we can still offer a range of solutions to create a home that does meet your needs, including kitchen and bathroom renovations.

Additions and Alterations

What changes do you need to make to your Ely home to accommodate open plan living? Our builders carry out thorough consultations and assessments to advise on suitable options. This may include home renovations to remove internal walls, or we can extend your property to create more space. Often, combining property extensions with renovations/refurbishments offers the best results.

Bear in mind, some extensions and alterations may require you to submit a planning application, but Neve Building helps there too with expert advice and assistance.

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