Home Renovations and Property Extensions in Cambridge  
Staying at Home During Building Works

Many homeowners are put off the idea of improvements because they are worried about disruption and having to temporarily move out. However, Neve Building works hard to minimise disruption and many of our clients stay comfortably at home throughout their project. Whether working on property extensions, home renovations or property refurbishments in Cambridge, we give every client the respect they deserve. If you wish to remain at home, our builders will do everything possible to accommodate your daily needs.

If using our services as new home builders, you will have a slightly different decision to make. You can either continue living in your current home while we build your new one or move to temporary accommodation. For example, some people rent a smaller, cheaper house/flat and others choose to live in a caravan on site.

The following points will help you decide if staying at home during your project is the right option for you. We also explain how we make you as comfortable as possible if that is what you choose.


While we do everything we can to minimise it, all home improvements will involve some level of disruption. This will vary depending on the type and extent of your Cambridge project. Our contractors and new home builders are happy to discuss potential disruption with you before starting work, so you can make an informed decision about your living situation.

The following are some general disruptions our customers should expect:

Property Extensions – An extension can be quite disruptive and different phases of construction may mean your home experiences draughts and temporary disruptions to services such as electricity and water. If you are planning a kitchen extension, you may also have limited access to cooking facilities.

Home Renovations and Property Refurbishments – Disruption will depend on the type of renovations/refurbishments you are doing. For example, bathroom renovations will result in some disruption to toilet and bathing facilities, while interior alterations may mean you have limited living space.

Summer Houses – A considerable benefit of building a summer house in Cambridge is that construction shouldn’t disrupt your daily life because our builders won’t need access to your home, and work won’t affect the main house.

Keeping You Comfortable

At Neve Building, we are happy to accommodate clients who wish to live at home throughout their project. We always strive to minimise disruption by working efficiently and phasing works around your needs. We also keep you informed of our progress and provide plenty of warning when we need to shut off water, electricity or other services.

During the planning stage of your Cambridge project, our new home builders can advise on timeframes and potential disruption, helping you decide if you will be comfortable staying at home. Throughout your project, we leave your home as clean and tidy as possible at the end of each day and ensure you have access to all the facilities you need, although these may be limited.

Furthermore, on completion of property extensions, home renovations, property refurbishments and new builds, we completely tidy up, ensuring you can get back to normal and enjoy your new space straight away.

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